…we hear about fine, fine customer service like this. This was originally posted on UO-Fanatic’s message board.

This happened about 15-20 minutes ago, I HAD TO WRITE CALANDRYLL on this one… Here is the letter:

Cal, hun, just had an incident involving GM Clyde… Last night my husband was afk while he was answering his phone call, (no one would belive us but its not the first time someone I know has been jailed for macroing while they were AFK) someone jailed him for macroing and left him in that room in Peg’s Leg Inn. Mind ya my husband’s character is a GM Alchemist, GM Tinker, with like 32 str, and RED. He NEVER leaves our Tower, so we had him dressed up in full ranger armor. He had no regs on him either… So we log in today to try to get him back to the tower. We figure out that the best way for us is to have him jump in the gate to the Chaos Shrine and I would come get him. Well just as we decide this, GM Clyde comes and EJECTS my husband out of the macro jail and he sits in there with this other player… He says, “Macroer, Red, Full Ranger Armor, GM Alchi, lets see how well you do in Buc’s Den..!”

I am sorry Cal but what kind of game is that? Of course my husband’s ONLY alternative is to go outside, WELL, somone sure enough someone killed him and we lost his ranger armor and he lost stats and all that… he was red from tinkering trapped boxes for a living. I mean that is just MEAN and SPITEFUL, Cal, no other way to put it… I know there is NOTHING you can do, but I would like to let you know that GM’s ARE NOT checking to see wheather a SKILL is being used when jailing these folks (specially if its thier FIRST incident) … my HUSBAND has NEVER EVER had anything on his record and this is no way to treat someone that devotes thier time and effort to OSI. That was unfair and unjust treatment. My husband worked very very hard to get his ranger armor and his gm alchi and gm tink.


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