Koster Literally Sets Himself On Fire

Allen Varney of the Escapist handed him the matches.

The tinder? The quote many of you have waited roughly a year for, judging from my search engine logs:

I could give you my opinions there [about Star Wars Galaxies’ design direction], but there’s no point – even those changes have been changed… I’ll make an exception for the NGE. I don’t think you can or should change a game that radically out from under a user base. You dance with the ones that brung ya, whether they are the market of your dreams or not. They have invested their passion and built expectations about where they want the game to go. Changing things out from under them isn’t fair in my mind, especially given how they have been loyal to you in times of trouble. It’s like dumping the girlfriend who has always been patient and loving to chase after the supermodel who probably won’t love you back.

And a thousand message board posters cried out in pain, and were suddenly silenced.