The LadyMOI stalkerfan site continues to gain accolades and attention, especially from law enforcement officials. In response, here’s some words from the owner of the server.

I am the administrator for the entire Maywon’t website. The site was orignially founded early this summer to put my schools underground newspaper online and save me the trouble of spreading it around campus the traditional way. I bought a 100mb spot on my host server (I did this because I wanted to also host more pages with other themes as time went on) and started work on the scripting. Many of my friends at school play UO, and a lot of them asked to move into some of the empty space on the server. I figured what the hell, I have a lot of it (free space) and I know these guy personally, so i did it.

When I first heard from my buddy, who will remained un-named for his own good, that he wanted to make a Lady Moi fan site, I cringed. It sounded like a terrible idea; but he really wanted to try out his new HTML skills so I let him. I admit, the site is cheesy in worst way. It sounds like a 15 year old infatuated with someone he never even met before, but that’s not the case. In his defense, I have to stress that he is trying to be funny and informative, but failing miserably.

To the point: I happen to read your site every day, along with the WTFmen and (ok ok i admit it) Dr. Twister. You are very entertaining and I keep on coming back to hear what you have to say. What do you recommend he do to change the site? I am not gonna take it down because I did promise it to him and a promise is a promise no matter how many flames he and I might get. Besides, the little shit actually talks to Lady Moi about three times a day. By “talks” I mean that she writes back answering all his fucking questions and they get along. That’s more than my Wal*Mart UO site ever got, so I guess it has some potential. I am very curious about your thoughts on this matter. Please be gentle if your just gonna post this and mock me, although that would be funny too. Thanks for listening.

My thoughts? The site itself seems harmless enough and actually basically tells people to get a clue and not stalk the poor woman, but I think the hysteria that is springing up around LadyMOI is a serious sign that everyone needs to get up, turn off the computer, and go meet an actual woman. Once again, here is Uma Thurman to demonstrate what an actual woman looks like.

I recommend you print this out, go to a bar, church or other place where women occasionally gather, and hold the printout up by her head, so you can contrast her head and Uma’s head, side by side. If they have enough matching characteristics, congratulations! You’ve found an actual woman! By the way, that tingling sensation in your crotch is because she just kicked you there. It hurts less if you bend over.

(By the way, I’m entitled to mock this hysteria, since I basically started it. Nyah.)