Launching Is Hard

Darkfall’s status as of 8:00PM CST/2:00AM GMT:

Servers: Down.
Forums: Down.
Website: Still advertising your chance at joining the Darkfall beta.
Stratics IRC: Wait a minute… Stratics still exists? And it’s our only source of Darkfall news? My god, they DID recreate UO!

<Brannoc> We are currently processing all pre-orders and when that phase is complete the game servers will be available for play. The forums are offline temporarily while we make adjustments. The IRC channel will remain locked during this time.

Well, that explains everything, then.

From the SomethingAwful threadnaught about Darkfall:

Darkfall is on the verge of another MMOG first. Some games have had horrific launch days, plagued with constant crashes and bugs, but I don’t think any other game has completely failed to start the servers up.

Apparently, the developers, Aventurine, were overwhelmed with the amount of pre-orders, despite having a limited preset number of pre-orders, and in a very fair display of even-handed fairness are not bringing the servers up until every pre-order has been added into the system, presumably by Eastern Orthodox monks illuminating vellum parchments and carefully integrating them into the Book of Woe using Perforce.

And now, while you wait, forlorn, in a Stratics chatroom waiting for SRC Wackyname to come answer your GM ticket, here are some quotes from the past from the humble Darkfall development team.

“So why don’t we announce a date already? It’s because there’s no way we’ll miss a release date and we’re not going to just set a date as a goal, and either postpone or be forced to release something unfinished.”

— Tasos Flambouras, Darkfall producer, from a dev diary.

We welcome the “too good to be true” or the “Darkfall promises everything” ranting about Darkfall because we’re in a position to know that we’ll offer more than we promise.”

— Tasos Flambouras, same diary

Darkfall could launch today. It’s more ready for launch than most, if not all of the MMORPG titles at the same stage that I’ve personally sampled and it has been for quite some time.”

— Tasos Flambouras, interview, December 2008

“A lot of communities would like to be like Darkfall’s. Slandering our game is a way to get a reaction.

We have a thick skin; this kind of thing doesn’t touch us. It actually makes us feel like we’re on the right track. It has also served to fire up our community and has created diehard fans. It got a lot of people to take a closer look at our game and realize that this is what they’ve been waiting for. All the “trolls” have achieved is to inadvertently help perpetuate the buzz for Darkfall.”

— Tasos Flambouras, same interview.

For good game performance, you should have a PIII-800 and a GeForce1-2 or ATI Radeon. The game engine will also take advantage of the latest graphics cards that are coming out, like the GeForce3 or the upcoming ATI 8500. So if you have one of those, then the game will look stunning.

— Kjetil Helland, Darkfall lead programmer, IGN interview, 2001

As for the board whisperers, they’re a reaction to a highly anticipated and ambitious game by an independent studio. ‘Whispers’ have proven in the past to have an agenda or two behind them, and whether it’s competition, attempts at forcing information, or manipulating an active community, we shouldn’t propagate them by rehashing them.

— Tasos Flambouras, MMORPG.COM inteview

The “PvP stigma” you speak of, is proof that PvP hasn’t been handled well by MMOGs so far, in contrast with the mass market where PvP games are the overwhelming majority of multiplayer games being played. It’s a shame, especially since MMORPGs are the most suitable games for epic battles, conflict, glory and shame. It’s our ambition, through Darkfall, to alter the negative perception some MMOG players have of player on player combat.

— Tasos Flambouras, same interview

Hype surrounding Darkfall is huge right now, despite our best efforts.

— Tasos Flambouras, Darkfall community announcement