Before the corporate lawyers e-bolt a request for suppression, we\’e2\’80\’99ve put the court filing up for you to peruse at your leisure. You can find earlier articles on about this lawsuit here and here.

Two things stick out in this latest filing.

First, comes the idea that counselors were introduced two months after the public release of Ultima Online. I suppose those pesky beta counselors didn\’e2\’80\’99t count. They were test counselors. Vapor people. In development human helpers.

But not real counselors. No, no. Those came two months later.

However, that is nothing compared to the mind-boggling revelation that OSI used unpaid people (counselors) to train the paid ones (advisors). Mind you, the counselors weren\’e2\’80\’99t really employees of OSI. They were happy to train the advisors who were going to replace them after they were fired.

Wait. Nevermind. The counselors had no idea they were training the paid advisors. In fact, OSI never said a word about this. Hmm, wonder why. Can\’e2\’80\’99t imagine.

So, OSI basically made a decision to screw over the counselors, but before doing so, allowed those counselors to train the advisors. Gee, when OSI wants to bend someone over and ram it in, they really bring out the heavy equipment. Think jackhammers.

I\’e2\’80\’99m not ignorant of how corporations work, however, I am appalled at the way OSI treated their counselors, counselors who gave their blood, sweat, and tears to make the game better and directly benefited OSI monetarily in the process. OSI\’e2\’80\’99s actions in this case are nothing less than sneaky, underhanded, unacceptable, and patently disgusting.

Seeing as I am not a lawyer, I cannot say what chances the ex-volunteers have of winning the case. However, I\’e2\’80\’99d like to see them win.

If only to avenge my long lost UO2.