Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Because Ice Sux0rz)

So we’re currently in Day 2 of the ICEPOCALYPSE. What in Northern Virginia would be a small story in the Metro section of the Post about sanders hitting the streets is, in central Texas, the sixth Horseman of the Apocalypse (after death, taxes, pestilence, Republicans and toll roads).

On the upside, I’m getting a lot of work done on our design wiki at work from VPN while watching cheesy old TV shows on TNT-HD. Thus proving that I’ll watch pretty much anything in hi-def, even while not actually, you know, watching it.

On the downside, I’m home on the day Burning Crusade launches. This for most people would be an upside, except that in my jaded wisdom I had the boxes pre-ordered and delivered. To work. Yeah, funny how that works out.

Oh well, getting lots of work done, while idly watching snow in my back yard. In the middle of Texas. Whee!

Edit: This is what TV looks like in Austin tonight. In OH-MY-GOD-WE-ARE-ALL-GOING-TO-DIE-STAY-OFF-THE-DAMN-ROADS 48 point type.