Let Us Treat This Like We Were A Family: Cover It In A Dark, Hidden Place, And Never Speak Of This Again

So, um, yeah, 400+ comments. Let’s look at some takeaways.

Things We Learned About Yon Humble Correspondent:

Things We Learned About Yon Prokofy Neva:

Things We Learned About Games and Virtual Worlds:

Things You May Not Have Known About Yon Humble Blogger’s Comments Policy:

  • I really, really dislike censorship.
  • I will rarely, if ever, intervene in the cut and thrust of a good argument.
  • Sometimes I’ll break this policy to pour more oil on a fire.
  • Ironically, this may make this blog the one safe space on the Internet for Prokofy Neva to post in that she doesn’t own.
  • Incessant personal attacks (as seen on both sides of the previous post) may cause me to rethink this policy.
    • But probably not, as it involves a lot of work, and I’m pretty lazy.

Things We Learned About Ourselves:

  • Taemojitsu really, really, really likes posting comments on this blog.