From Terra Nova, looks like the Koreans are partying like it’s 1999.

Another problem that users pointed out was the cash trading of game items offline. Within the game, there are many different “items” such as weapons, clothing or potions, that have different levels of power. Acquiring more powerful items can take hours of playing time. The ability to acquire more powerful items also depends on the level of skill of the player. Therefore, for players unable or unwilling to devote the necessary time, buying and selling items for cash has become a widespread trend.
“Offline or online trading of items has nothing to do with the company,” a company official said. “If it is illegal, then the government should make a law forbidding cash trade of online items,” the official added.
Many users, however, disagree. “The basic structure of online games is that if one has good items and equipment, then he or she can win,” one game player said.