Live! Nude! Keybindings!

Clearly, girl-geeks gone wild is becoming some sort of wacky trend.

Malcom McLaren* had this to say about his new site:

One of the things we noticed as our servers grew was that every time a girl came to play, people would give them all sorts of shit. Stereotypes, such as \’e2\’80\’9cgirls don\’e2\’80\’99t play video games unless they\’e2\’80\’99re fat ugly losers\’e2\’80\’9d and \’e2\’80\’9cGirls don\’e2\’80\’99t play, it must be a 12 year old boy!!!11!11!\’e2\’80\’9d appeared very quickly. We came up with a way that we might be able to reverse the trend.

That way: tasteful nudity. Yes, obviously that is the way to start a reasonable dialogue among hormonally overdosed teenagers!

As seen on Abalieno’s site, who apparently is no longer calling for the nuclear destruction of Italy now that Berlusconi actually lost the election.

Edit: Poppinfresh goes nuclear. Whee!

[13:18] Lum: You know, I hate to say it, but Malice’s latest webcam shot is actually kinda hot.
[13:18] Mr. Poppinfresh: she is a human realdoll
[13:18] Mr. Poppinfresh: devoid of any and all personality
[13:19] Lum: True! But I like the Shannen Doherty thing she’s got going on, combined with the artistic nudity and my refusing to read any actual text.

*note: not actually Malcom McLaren.