Look For… The Union Pander…

More random thoughts on the Democratic shouting match tonight…

You know, a debate moderated by Jon Stewart would kick complete ass.

The candidates are ALL SHOUTING A LOT. I wonder if this is because the debate’s being held in the middle of a stadium. Well, except for Kucinich, who just likes shouting. And unions. Everyone likes unions, but Kucinich wants to have union babies. He really is playing on home field advantage tonight, going for wild applause lines. “I WILL ABOLISH NAFTA! I WILL END THE WAR! I WILL PROTECT JOBS! I WILL GIVE MEDICARE TO ALL! I WILL FEED THE HUNGRY! I WILL CLOTHE THE NEEDY! FEAR ME, BUT *FOLLOW*!”

Every time I see Chris Dodd, I think “why aren’t you Mike Gravel?” Because at this point Dodd really is Gravel, but without the endearing insanity. He seems to think his strategy to come from behind is to LOOK VERY ANGRY AND RANT AND POINT. As opposed to Bill Richardson, who is polling similarly dismally but is at least *amiable* about it.

Joe Biden needs to just answer all questions with monosyllables from now on. When actually speaking, he wildly alternates between brilliance and wackiness, often within the same sentence.  “Hey, he’s right… oh wait, he’s a jerk.” Maybe we can replace him with Neil Kinnock and see if anyone notices.

HILLARY. IS. VERY. ANGRY. AND. CLIPPED. I wonder how much of it is shouting into an ampitheatre, and how much of it is irritation that Barack Obama continues to exist. At one point you could see her just stare at Obama and try to force him down through PSIONIC WILL. She really came across as much shriller than she has in other debates.

Obama was statesmanlike as always. Even though I disagree with many of his positions, I think America needs a President like him. Just because he’s, you know, an adult and stuff. Yes, the bar’s low.

Edwards was shiny.

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