An anonymous correspondent reports:

Over the past day or so the U.Hall has been flooded with talk from jealous people who have taken a very “anti-AMT” stance. One person has even gone so far as to organize a protest, not against any unfairness in OSI’s system for blessing buildings, not against the lack of housing space, but against AMT directly.

Why are they doing this? Because after seeing that “trash” that was posted on geocities about Tiffric and AMT, they’re all jealous of AMT’s “l33tness”. Now some are coming out with “structured” arguments (that seem to change every 5 minutes) about how AMT is using an illegally placed building, using vendors in a decorated building and profiting off of it, etc..etc..

The issue of whether that’s fair for everyone or not is hardly in debate. Of course it’s not fair. What’s wrong about all this, and what I take exception to is the fact that everyone vent’s their rage on the community-builders who worked their ass off only a year or so ago to get their buildings blessed. It is not their fault there’s no more room for housing, it’s not their fault that the IGM’s/Seer’s wear sunglasses when looking at buildings for blessing, it’s not their fault that not everyone can have a “kewl-d3c0r@ted” building. These are the community builders in the community, the people who broke their backs, put up with all the asshole jerks who tried to make their buildings a living hell, and beat their way thru the OSI beuracracy to get a special building. They didn’t do this for themselves, to be “l33t”. They did this because they believe that the community needs buildings like that.

My apologies Lum, I’m not blaming you or anyone else for this. I’m just ranting about this backlash. I believe that now that it’s begun, it will never stop. The new players will constantly be demanding “fairness” and “equality” when it comes to specially decorated/sanctioned buildings. And, I don’t believe there will be any more rest for the weary community-builders who occupy them now that the masses have “tasted” their own jealousy. That, to me, is a tragedy, and signals of a self-destructive element in the community