Guess who’s talking to Gamespy.

I’ve got 85 of my best friends that just got laid off. On the other hand, personally, it could be an opportunity in the sense that my non-compete [agreement with EA] runs out here in about 8 days, and I was debating how to hire a team to get back into the business and I know a lot of the best people, a lot of my best friends who were at Origin, were very committed to their team and to their project and to the leadership around them within that company. Of course there was a non-solicit clause in my non-compete, so it would have been difficult for me to build a team. Well, suddenly now its not so difficult, so its going to be interesting for me to go back to Austin and start up discussions with the large stable of close friends who are now looking for something to do, right about the time that I’m looking for something to do, so that should be fun.

So for those of you who are counting, that makes twice now that OSI has given its competitors a free, ready-made dev team. In other news, EA still has its head firmly implanted in its ass.

Props to Jinx for finding this story.