Sony Online Entertainment and Ubi Soft today announced the postponement of the European Fan Faire. Our European community of EverQuest\’c2\’ae players has seen much growth in the past year and we are excited about all of our initiatives in this market and beyond. While we regret the delay in bringing what has been an incredibly successful and one-of-kind event in the U.S., we know that all of our international initiatives will enhance the player experience, increase our international fan base, and lead us overseas in the coming months.

We want to thank all of the fans who had planned to participate in this inaugural event and will be sending a full refund in addition to a special gift from our Fan Faire team. While we are disappointed that we cannot meet you next month, we hope that our presence in Europe continues to grow. We will be able to better serve you by postponing this event to a more suitable time and place for everyone. We apologize for any inconvenience.

EverQuest boasts more than 410,000 players on a worldwide basis including the U.S., England, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand. We recently announced the availability of Game Cards on retail shelves worldwide, giving cash holders the ability to play in 90-day increments. And, the initial phase of localization involving both human and automated translating agents, beginning with French, German, Japanese and Korean, is well underway. Sony Online Entertainment is continuing to build a bridge between nations and is actively working toward new server deployment plans with Europe as a primary target.

This winter, all EverQuest players can look forward to the launch of
EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin. The new expansion pack will introduce an enchanting moonscape packed with new adventure zones, new items, creatures and spells, a new playable character race and more.

Thank you for your continued support!

Cindy Archuleta

Community Relations Manager

Sony Online Entertainment