Lrn2Play 101: Don't Stand In The Glowy Crap

WoW Insider discovers a fundamental truth about WoW raiding.

And, c’mon. It’s been about half a decade and near 12 million subscribers. Once you’ve done Nethekurse or Zereketh, you should know that you’re not supposed to stand in pink, black, or red circles. Really, just don’t stand in stuff. Is that really such a deep and meaningful skill that you have to relearn “Don’t stand in stuff!” for Kel’Thuzad? So, if the Wrath raids aren’t demanding a gear-based progression (meaning, it’s all a gear check), then we should entertain the idea that we’ve gotten pretty good at not standing in stuff.

My deathknight would like to remind you that as he, too, can generate glowy crap on demand, Raiding 102 involves learning which glowy crap is which.

Note that “Don’t Stand In The Glowy Crap” is a PvE skill. PvPers should move on to considerably more advanced tactics, such as “Killing The Dude With The Thing“.