LSOW ENWS ADY, PART II [Author: myschyf]

so far we have managed to implement almost everything we promised, Orc with bazookas, giant hamster of doom, killer turnips, fish with turrets on their heads, horses with wheels, fetus flinging with catapults, and more.

Lum you once said to our Lead designer (Prior Tuck) that you would give Noon a write up if we got 5 players and a stable client.

well the client is more stable than UO’s ever was.

and we have well exceeded the 5 testers, so wheres our write up? 😀

Not that I posted this because i wanted to blatently advertise it or anything but…

NOTE: we are “Glitchful”, they are “Glitchless”

we are in no way connected with them, you would not beleive the number of e-mails i have reiceved from people who just didnt get it, and asked things like: “so how come you stoped making Dawn?” and “I signed up to Dawn, do i need to sign up to Noon as well? cant you look on your other list?”

NO! we dont have access to their list!

also, yes we know that the whole Dawn thing has died down, most people, even on the Dawn boards are doubting it now, and no one bothers to post news stories on it, but we dont care. if Dawn got up and closed today, we would continue working on Noon.

it long ago stoped beeing a simple parody, we are working to make a game here!

yes a very sick, perverted silly game, but a game never the less.

Now i would just like to leave you with two quotes:

this first one was taken from the Dawn Chat:

Spacewar: when is beta coming out

Dave: is there webpage that explains the RWK in more detail ? like how the tax rate works and what a hunt

Dave: is ?

Dave: anyone around ?

Enter Name: wth is with the Glitchful webpage?

Londo: go to

Londo: check it out

Ailyen: Beta is coming out at the end of May

Playa: saweet

Dark: any humans looking to start dawn with friends should join Cormyr


I mean getting a mention on the Dawn page, what could be better? oh wait… getting a mention here…

and finally from one of our loyal beta testers:

“hahaha tribes2 is good


– Eagleeyed Anthony

so… when do i get my name in red and a title: (Noon Lead Programmer) or somthing?

probably never *sighs* 🙁

Happy now?