Lum goes insane [Author: great bob]

“And on the fourth day God saw that Dr. Twister was alone, so God said to Dr. Twister “I shall send to thee helpers to write for your site. Insane and stupid they shall come forth and spread thy message across the land” and so God created the twisties, and saw that it was good. On the fifth day God created the lummies”

The internet community today was stunned with the news that Lum the Mad would be adding a staff of writers to update his site. Said a mid level manager at Lum Enterprises, “At Lum’s, we are allways concerned with quality control issues. We decided we just had too much quality on this site. Hopefully, this move will resolve that issue.”

The bold move will allow Lum to change his focus from rants and news to numerous posts by lummies saying “my mailbox is empty, send me r33t cynical quotes!”. The lummies will be created from a diverse group including fustrated inernet cartoonists, the criminally insane, and sad lonley people who post to his message board late at night. The Great Bob, one of the lummies, when asked about his role on this site was quoted as saying “Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!” before wandering off to drink heavily.

And Jesus wept.