Little in the way of updates the past couple of days (well, none really, if you want to be technical about it). I’ve heard some rumors fly past on housing changes that involve purging the hordes of items within them  that you little pinheads seem hellbent on keeping.  The guy who does UORobot put up a webcam of his robot running; he was then promptly busted for macroing. This may of course be just a coincidence. UORobot always struck me as a bit too mad scientist for me. I do like to still maintain the illusion that I actually have something to do with how my character behaves in UO.

Speaking of which, in the whether or not Lum is allowed to play UO yet department, I logged on yesterday and everything was fine until a gargoyle showed up. Apparently the thought of actual combat taking place scared my poor little client, so it immediately Connection Losted, whereupon I immediately Died. This did not enhance my overall UO experience. So it’s time for another 80’s moment (and stop bitching about Vanilla Ice, I don’t care if his hit was in 1990, he’s still 80’s to me. What I want to know is why the hell you people know when Ice Ice Baby came out. I don’t.)


Frankie Say Fix Ultima Online Now.

I know this will come as a shock to everyone but I’m told some of the members of Frankie were gay. Not only that, “Relax” wasn’t about laser beams. The band eventually broke up and the lead singer contracted AIDS, which probably means they were a bit too relaxed.