If you read the “real” news sites (as opposed to the weird crap I post) you know that the funky guy with the goatee and the permanent RenFair wardrobe is going to grace a UO Player’s Luncheon in Austin with his august majesty in a couple of weeks.

Well, your Lumness lives only one state away from Texas (I won’t tell you which one because you all would laugh and call me names and I’d have to take 15 AK-47s and a Molotov to school the next day) so I’m seriously considering making a personal appearance. Hey, that would make my trips to Austin about as frequent as Lord Blackthorne’s trips to Britain!

I have one question I’d like to ask Mr. Garriot. It’s totally serious, and in no way is disrespectful, insulting, antagonistic or about macroing, but for some reason I REALLY doubt I’d get a straight answer. I’ll tell you what it is, whether I go or not, after the meeting. (We really don’t want to drive all the way to Austin without tickets waiting for us. And cross country driving is hard to macro.)