LUMNEWS #2 [Author: Mako]

MMOG News:

Two Shadowbane dev chats were uploaded today, one from J at, another from the wacky folks at Corpnews that will be posted soon\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6There are rumblings of the AO Beta Phase III from AO Basher, but they may or may not be legitimate\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6In any event, there was a crossroads roundtable dev chat with the Anarchy Online developers two days ago\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6In case you hadn\’e2\’80\’99t heard, EQ Casters Realm has a list of new changes on test server\’e2\’80\’a6

Miscellaneous News:

Sega is cutting Dreamcast prices by a whole lot in an effort to offload their inventory\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6Crossroads gaming network has been having some problems lately, but they are very very sorry\’e2\’80\’a6