LUMNEWS #3 [Author: Mako]

AO is indeed in Phase III beta, they just sent the e-mails out in small batches. XRGaming has a ‘first impressions’ article up if you’re interested\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6It’s your last chance to buy your way into the Ultima Online: Third Dawn beta test. Woo woo\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6On the other hand, despite rumors to the contrary, UWOOWOO beta is not starting yet, dammit\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6J of still isn’t in the Shadowbane beta. KEEP HIM IN YOUR PRAYERS\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6Speaking of Shadowbane, Corpnews has finally put up that interview with Ashen Temper I told you about. J, Delusion, Myschyf, Poppinfresh, and a couple random people were in attendance. Here’s a quote:

Ashen Temper- Mys’s article wasn’t that bad… it was her opinion.

Myschyf- woot! does this mean I’m still in the beta?

Some people from \’e2\’80\’98Peroxide\’e2\’80\’99 are doing a 3D remake of Ultima 1. I’ve never played it, but I’m sure all you geriatric fools have. In any case, the original version might still turn out to be better\’e2\’80\rdblquote looks like their female shadow elves are a bit, um, top-heavy. Whoops\’e2\’80\’a6

Gamespot has posted a small newsbit on BioWare’s recent update of their progress on Neverwinter Nights. The full update can also be found straight from the BioWare site\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6Sony Online has released a few new screenshots from ‘Planetside’, Verant’s new MMO-Action Game. The player and weapon models do admittedly look pretty cool\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6The Guardian has published an article on women in gaming\’e2\’80\rdblquote it\’e2\’80\’99s sort of rehashing things that have already been discussed, but there are some interesting statistics to be found\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6 EA\’e2\’80\’99s \’e2\’80\’98Majestic\’e2\’80\’99 has a new \’e2\’80\’98contact demo\’e2\’80\’99 posted, whatever the hell that is\’e2\’80\’a6 \’e2\’80\’a6The surgeon general says, gosh darn it, there really isn\’e2\’80\’99t much evidence that video games and other media cause violence! Our bad!\’e2\’80\rdblquote he actually says that while there is little evidence, more research is needed\’e2\’80\’a6