Just in case your room wasn’t filled with enough pointless capitalist crap anyways, now you can also fill it with EVERQUEST ACTION FIGURES! Happy Puppy has a guide to video game figurines up, and here’s a quote: The figures are six to eight inches in height and can mostly stand up on their own. (You may need to prop some of them against a supportive surface, however, especially the Dark Elves.) ..It’s almost as if the figurine had two gigantic weights making it hideously topheavy and unrealistic, isn’t it? Gosh… …in case you didn’t feel ashamed enough playing MMOGs on your console system, pretty soon you might be able to play it from anywhere with a PSOne Cellphone attachment. It’s only for the PSO (Playstation One, NOT Phantasy Star Online) right now, but this sort of thing will probably continue with future consoles–it can’t cost that much more than normal internet support to implement. Play your MMOG from ANYWHERE! Full mobility in your video game experience! Wall socket and Television not included. Oops [Edit] Fine, fine, there’s a PSO mini-screen. But damn it, cellphone connections right now aren’t enough to support half-decent gameplay on anything except Play-By-Email games, unless there’s some magic negative ping time technology being used. Hmm..[/Edit])…

Adrenaline Vault has a ‘Fallen Age’ preview with the ex-ltm writer ‘Savant’ asking a few questions. It doesn’t really mention anything that important, but I thought it was weird hearing an ltm writer as the primary contact point for an MMOG. Kinda reminds you of the LumAshi saga, doesn’t it?… …AVault posted an article on ‘injecting creativity into games’, which may bear some meaning for the developers and future players of the new MMOGs on the horizon–with so many games coming out, how can any of them NOT be cookie cutter copies of other games?… …Jaxx at the Las Vegas Gamers Association pointed out a new MMOG, Elemental Saga, which just started their alpha testing a few days ago (Seems you can download the alpha version and play it.. but on further checking, all the links are labeled ‘coming soon’ and don’t work.) and has their beta testing starting in.. two weeks? Looks like we found our ‘does not understand the game design process’ winner for this year, everybody go home.