Since my philosophy is always to let other people do the heavy lifting for me whenever possible, I have no qualms about devoting entire long updates to conversations better spent in email. With that, one blissfully anonymous writer informs me:

FUCK NO THIS AINT IMPORTANT! Yo .. sup man? I would just like ya to know that i agree with about everything u say.. i think drtwisters a gomer peice of shit .. but he has good news so i read him… I admire your whole fricken life.. your just simply the fuckin man.. u prob del this sayin.. another pecie of shit wanna be.. DAMN RIGHT! your exactly right…. just like to add… ur sites great.. no fancy crap.. just a easy read hilarious at times… You can get a blow job from me any time.. again just fuckin wit yas… i would love for ya to right back and just say hi or somfin.. So i can brag to my friends i talked with my god. Hahah… if you beleive that .. you are no longer my idol… Well u prob gotta a lotta fan mail.. so go get em tiger… Nice chitter chatterin with yas.. I am also curious what serv ya plays on…. I gotta go talk some shit and get my ass kicked in uo now.. PEACE…

I play on… Test Center. Yeah, that’s it, Test Center. My character’s named “GM IRONWILL”.

Anoter person writes:

Some of us who went to High School in the 80’s are curious as to what kind of nickname you came up with for LadyMOI… c’mon, man! Don’t leave us hanging… let the truth be known!

Aw man, don’t do this to me! Not only is it insulting and demeaning to women, it’s highly likely that the daily Ministry of Information briefings will cease! Plus, I’m pretty sure she’s married, and her husband might beat me up or something. But if you MUST know, here’s some clues;

  1. She was dressed in all black, with possibly dyed black hair and visible tattoos, and
  2. The initials of the Insulting Nickname are DSM.

Now leave me to my shame!

And Darius of Vesper writes:

Hi there – I’ve been reading your rants page ever since Twister put your link on his page and now I tend to frequent your page much more, um, frequently than Twisty’s. Anyhow, I recently clicked on your link to a much cooler rants page and within a minute located this wonderful statement:

Soccer moms tend to be undereducated, irrational women whose entire lives revolve around their children. Logic dictates they should not allowed anywhere near a voting booth, but since their numbers are increasing, our elected officials, who care more about staying in office than bettering the nation, continue to create increasingly ridiculous laws to placate them.

Now, I’m no soccer mom, (I’m 17/m, your typical snert) but this comment and other similar rants on this page strike me as closed minded almost to the point of being illogical. And yet you link to it… *eyes you warily* Love your posts, Mad one, but that link is crap.

OK. Just because something is linked under “much cooler rants page” does not mean I agree with the views expressed therein. In fact if you follow that link and read the site, you find that this young woman has apparently devoted much of her life to infiltrating and mocking the various web sites, message boards and mailing lists of unwed teenage mothers so she can make fun of them. Scarily obssessive, but funny. I like funny. And on the Internet no one can track you down and boil bunnies in your pressure cooker.