MACKS MOCK MAKERS MARKS [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

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The Live team has been talking some more with our language experts regarding the changes being made to localized text. It is important to understand that there are substantial differences in the way languages are structured, that make \’e2\’80\’9cone size fits all\’e2\’80\’9d formulas impossible. Statements like \’e2\’80\’9can exceptional plate chest crafted by Smithy\’e2\’80\’9d cannot exist when dealing with multiple language translations. It simply doesn\’e2\’80\’99t translate well into other languages that use different sentence structures. That said, one main concern from the players has been the item maker\’e2\’80\’99s mark. We\’e2\’80\’99d like to address that concern, with the understanding that not everyone can be satisfied.

The suggested change is to have \’e2\’80\’9cCrafted by: \’e2\’80\’9d appear on a separate line from the item name text. You would not have to click the gray button to see this text as it would appear with the item name text. This addresses the two concerns with the maker\’e2\’80\’99s mark system currently in testing: (1) that it does not actually say the item was crafted by the individual, and (2)it requires two clicks to see the crafter of the item.

Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

example of the suggestion:

“an exceptional katana”

“crafted by: Melantus”

visible with a single click.


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