MEANWHILE, IN ANOTHER GAME… [Author: wirehead]

Seems that the FoH guild on Veeshan is in the news again. Here’s a note from a confidential informant.

Kalaran/Katrak (Both level 50s and the same account) were banned from the veshaan server of everquest. Kalaran is one of the most known and hated members of FoH, the first level 50 in final was kalaran. Both his characters were decked out in full plane gear and god weapons.

Here’s the strange part. Guides can look on their private board and see the days bannings, look back on prior warnings etc. Not one mention of Kalaran on there. In guide chat when asked the GM-Admins say “That is something you do not need to know”. Normally Verant makes these bannings as public as possible. Kalaran is already back, in 1 week he has a new account and a level 50 on it via spell twinking. There is a stated edict now on veshaan “ANY GUIDE WHO SEES A PETITION AGAINST KALARANS NEW CHARACTER DROP ALL AND WATCH HIM”. They are out to get this guy.

Second strange thing is FoH will NOT disclose why he was banned. No one outside of the higher ups at Verant and FOH know what happened. Interesting if you ask me.

On a side note/related story, FoH watched a japanese guild exploit the mother of all mobs, Lady Vox. Post and pics are at

Word on the street is Kalaran was banned for using a hack to pass no drops to newbie characters. I think this is BS, verant would let the guides know about it.

Interesting. Not being an EQ guide I obviously can’t confirm any of this, but it seems that the GMs and guides are at cross-purposes…