MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU’RE FIRED. [Author: Savant] recently reports:

We have received confirmed reports that Hasbro has laid off over 150 people at Wizards of the Coast and their budget has been cut severely.

They continue to say:

We have also received reports about a brutal budget slashing. It has been reduced to 10% of what it is, over 90% of the money has been cut off.

Finally, according to MTGNews, “…we heard that Peter Adkinson, President of Wizards of the Coast, has resigned in disgust.”

While cruising the Wizards website for any confirmation, I ran across this small blurb about their new upcoming NBA Trading Card Game with some possible relevance:

“The NBA is one of the most respected and popular sports organizations in the world,” said Vince Caluori, president of Wizards of the Coast. “This new trading card game will be fast paced with realistic strategy and playmaking to give game players simulated NBA action.”

Call me crazy, but I always thought Christmas was supposed to be a time of bonuses for employees.