Microprose Founder Really Wants You To Know He Was In The Military

Massively has an interview with “Wild” Bill Stealey, co-founder of paeleo-PC game company Microprose whose entire catalog I purchased several times. Sadly Master of Magic was NOT MENTIONED.

However, something was:

Whether they were in my regiment when I was in the Army, or in my squadron, or my wing when I was in the Air Force, or the guys in the Air Force Academy; those are the kind of people I trust my life to. So those are the kind of people I want to hang out with.

I’m a retired military officer, five of the guys who are associated with this are all Air Force Academy graduates. We’re working with two Naval Academy graduates; we have a bunch of shooters from Fort Bragg coming in.

In the military we’d have the ready rooms, we’d have the squadron break room or we’d have the Officer’s Club, and this is like our little Officer’s Club to go hang out in.

Remember: service guarantees citizenship.