Mike Wilson - Still Classy After All These Years

From Destructoid’s account of the Spike Video Game Awards:

Gamecock invaded the show floor, including their trademark rooster outfits and full-body Hail to the Chimp character outfits. The ‘Cock stormed the stage after the “Game of the Year” announcement, taking the microphone and proclaiming that “Gamecock is for the children!” As a result, BioShock designer Ken Levine lost a chance to give an acceptance speech, and was awkwardly ushered off the stage.

One should note that rudely bum-rushing a stage and elbowing aside people who actually won awards and did productive things to yell nonsensical things into a microphone is most probably the only way Gamecock is likely to take the stage after a Game of the Year announcement.

On the other hand, it was Spike Video Games Awards, so it’s not like it, you know, counted.