I went to the Mimesis Online website and tried to figure out what this game is about. I read it once. I didn’t understand. I read it twice. I figured the NyQuil was doing strange things to my brain and went to bed. I woke up this morning and read it again and I still don’t know what its about. Maybe its about philosophy. I’m not being witty here. It really is a very strange website.

Here’s an excerpt from the ‘about’ part of the site: The idea behind Mimesis stems from Aristotelian philosophy. Mimesis means the inventive and conscious act of creating a potential and objective reality. The world created through Mimesis is an autonomous whole, not ruled by the laws of the real world. It is capable of strongly playing on and moving the emotions of those receiving it, and its influence leads to Catharsis. Catharsis, according to Aristotle, is a feeling of mercy and fear. It allows the one who feels it to reach a state of inner peace and acceptance of their fate.

See what I mean? I only know one other person who can bring this level of obfuscation to an otherwise non-obfuscated subject. Gene Ray, of Timecube, had this to say:

You have received a message!

Ignoring Time Cube is Evil.

It is best to be uneducated and

Wise, than educated with Lies.

You are an educated stupid ass.

Word is counterfeit & fictitious

representations of true values,

as in form, substance and deed.

Adult word god is a counterfeit

and fictitious evil upon children.

Well I don’t know about you but that cleared everything up for me! In any case there’s a beta signup somewhere on that site but I’m too scared to find it for you. You are on your own with this one.

You have no chance. Make your time

I have no better words to describe Motor City Online than Lum did in the Round-Up. So I’ll just use his words. OK, now this is a bright idea: persistent-world drag racing. Tune your wheels, get your hot rod on the road, and if you lose, pull out your H&K MP5 machine gun and turn the streets red with blood. OK, so you can’t do that last part. But everything else, yeah.

The beta for this game has already started but it appears as if its not too late to get in if you want. Go here to sign up for the beta.

Can’t we all just be friends?

A Tale in the Desert is, to my knowledge, one of the few games out there not based on hacking and slashing but, rather, on building and questing. I meant to interview the developers some time back but then I got a new job and then Lum left and I never answered their mail and I think they might be mad at me. Oh well. Sorry guys.

Anyway they’ve gone through an alpha and I think the game is still in beta. You can still sign up by going to that link and putting a note on their boards that you want to be in the beta. Its really that simple. The people that were able to be in the play test so far seem to really like this game. One note: If what you like to do is be the biggest and baddest roxxerer on your block, this game is probably going to be a bit boring for you. If you are the merchant/crafter type — head on over. This is your game.

You’d think they’d learned their lesson but nooooooooo

Well those glutons for punishment at Funcom have not fully exercised their masochistic tendencies. You would have thought, after the horrorshow that was the launch of Anarchy Online, that they’d think twice before jumping into yet another MMOG. You would be wrong if you thought that. Midgard is not going to ruin Anarchy Online and I’m sure those of you who have managed to actually play AO are really glad to hear that.

What’s this game about, you might ask? Well I’m not sure. I know it won’t ruin AO. I know it has a medium-sized team. I believe you can pick berries and go moose-hunting in Midgard. (No, I’m not making this up. Ragnar T\’c3\’b8rnquist, Game Director said so on their website. I linked to it. Go read it for yourself). They have a vision. Really. There’s a link on their website that reads “The Vision.” That was when I got scared and left. Visions frighten me.