Some of Funcom’s coders poked their head out from the rush to ready for E3 (oh, and release in June, that too) to reassure worried fans that yes, Omnicorp will still r0x0r j00.

Certain *cough* sites *cough* are gettin’ to us.

Of course we’ve been reading some of that, too – although we all are really quite busy here. Among all the yaddayadda and NDA breaches, there was one post that had a valid point: Beta 3 has been out a looong time. The data on that CD is months old, and to judge the game based on that data is, quite frankly, not fair. The testers are not seeing the game that we will release in June. That’s why we have an NDA in the first place: We don’t want people to get the wrong impression from looking at an unfinished product.

Judge the game by what we release. Not by what someone who is breaching his agreement with us wants you to think.

Omni-Tek is your friend.

As I checked my Funcom NDA for the line that forbid me from expressing any general opinions whatsoever, I wondered idly what purpose was served by “testing” months-old bug-infested code.

Oh well, life goes on.