A correspondent who wishes to remain anonymous responds:

First, the person currently playing Tomer is not the original account owner. The original player quit UO and sold his account about 6 months ago. The character was originally blue, and it was during this time that GM Tamer status was achieved. The original Tomer was not a problem at Pax and even occasionally sold tamed dragons to Pax citizens.

Which brings up the question of: Who owns the account now? Well, I’m told it is the player behind the well-know Chessie PK (and prick) Greystoke. It is he who made the character red. So, there is no need to feel any sympathy for how hard it is for a murderer to train up to GM Tamer status. Furthermore, I’m told he does things like take tamed dragons into dungeons, and use them to block off spawn and basically take over the place. No, it’s not illegal, I suppose…. but it’s one reason why people have complained so much about him.

I thought a PK Tamer was a bit hard to pull off… I guess with eBay you can get the character of your dreams!