Normally, as part of the Kinder Gentler phase of Lum the Mad, Inc. (at least till we get to New Hampshire, then all gloves are OFF baybee!) I wouldn’t be so promsicuosly posting email on this subject. However, I think both of these notes raise issues beyond the obvious. Read them and see what you think. The first is from another KoC member:

Hello. My name is Narf and I am *STILL* a member of the guild Keepers of Chaos. I am also guilty by association. I emailed OSI as to find out which of my accounts is going to be watched. Is it the one that is 2 weeks old with 0 gm chars? Or is it the one that has 1 char, 9 months old, and not stat/skill capped? My response is, im not banned yet but i have to play the rest of my UO Life in fear of banishment. Does this mean im going to be watched the rest of my UO life because i was a member of a “Large chesapeake guild” and if someone even accused me of calling them a name i will get banned? I have no idea, there response to the entire situation is very vague and has many holes. Noone YET has been told why they have been banned, Nothing YET has been proven as to why they were banned, and no REASONS have been given. All i is Ezekiel has been playing for 2 1/2 years. Yes he is an asshole online, but so what he pays 9.95 also. If he ever did anything that was so heinous as to cause banishment why wait 2 years to do it? It makes no sense. Uo isnt only an ONLINE game, its a RL investment. Everyone pays the 10$ a month to play, and all these characters and items thanks to EBAY have a RL Value. Zeke lost all he worked for, 2 large bricks, 1 large forge, 1 BLOCKED off tower, many many small houses, all his characters, all his items… EVERYTHING and those alone can net thousands of dollars on EBAY. Is it right to just delete everything he earned? He spent a year + as a counselor helping people, OSI admits to him helping them find and fix BUGS in there game. This is his payment? The same can be said about anyone who was banned. We all spent as many or more hours playing this game. We spent the same hard earned money to keep this habit alive. We all spent the same hours playing. All you people do is flame away saying we cheated, that we are assholes, we deserve to get banned. Your reasons being.. I dont like you? does that justify such an action as to permanent banishment and the deletion of all that was worked for. I lost a house or to to OSI’s deleting, and i wasnt banned? How come im not allowed to ask for reimbursement, Im owed at least a placed house, or 140$ in real life(based on ebay values).. Will i ask for it, or get it? No. You people and your snap judgements and closed minds are what make us who we are. We have become the “scapegoat” the “plague” the “problem” with what is wrong with UO. And you know what if 1 guild can make this much difference by playing a game the way we wanted to, WITHIN THE GAMES LIMITS, and touch all of you in such a way to get a response… is that a bad thing??? Everything dont in the game, was DONE IN THE GAME, not at fault of us.. At fault of some really crappy programming. We are the people who changed the game to how it is today. When we pk’d, out came statloss. When we notor pk’d out came the notor patch. When we Virtue PK’d out came the virtue patch. When guild wars patch came out we evolved into the biggest and strongest guild on the shard.
We have bene the EXACT same guild for the past 2 years, faces may change, but the CORE/PRIDE/MENTALITY remains. We have openly said to anyone if they want to do something about us, to war us. We have been chaos for the entire length of the virtue/guildwars patch. We have risked statloss to continue to PK. We own all the top bounties on the PK board. We are what makes the game exciting. Answer this. When you walk into a dungeon, does the thought that “pks” might be around the corner come into your mind? Does the the thought of running or fighting excite you? When your fighting someone do you get pumped up and want to win? We helped shape this game into what it is. And this is the payment we get. They attack the leaders of the guild without proof, delete thousands and thousands of hours of work. Delete items that are worth RL cash. Try and destroy our guild.. The many that remain arent going to change the way in which we think. We are going to continue to play the way we have played…
And we will never conform to your standards, just to make your gaming experience happy. We play the game to enjoy it also, and this is how we do it. Everything we do is legal, and BY THE RULES. We are still here, and will remain here until this game dies. Expect to see us back in warring action soon, and dominating the shard with probably even more support from the community with such an outrageous injustice commited to us. Live in fear, Be afraid to carry your house keys, and be worried that the next corner you turn KoC might be there.

Mr. Narf

The next email comes from Evilseed;

I just read what happened to the guild KoC on Chesapeake. I play on Chesapeake, I know of them. They have been around for a long time. I know because I was one of the first people in KoC when it started. I also know Zeke of KoC well. I just want to attest to a few things from my point of view. I don’t like KoC, I don’t hate KoC.. I’m pretty neutral.

About 2 years ago, I remember hanging out with Zeke when GM WileE gave us some necromancy regs to try and dupe.. as well as some other things such as ingots. We duped them, reported back to the GM. We tested several things. We found many bugs this way, under direction from “higher-ups” at Origin. If there is accusation to Zeke of duping, I don’t doubt it’s true. I don’t because I was there, as were GMs as we were testing. If I had time, I might even be able to pull out some screenshots via my CDROM UO screenshot archive (eek, 15 cds!).

I know KoC and what they stand for. They kill. Anything that moves, they kill. I can understand how OSI can see this as detrimental to the community, and I can understand how KoC argues that they are playing within game guildlines. So I remain neutral 🙂

Just some more light on the situation…

(goes back to roleplaying in Paxlair and designing UOGuilds)

— Evilseed aka LSD