As a reaction to Miasma’s rant, I recieved the following:

I’d like to respond to the absolute load of crap that Miasma spewed forth from his mouth again. He seems to have a real anger problem and resorts to attacking OSI for every set-back that happens in our campaign to get a server. Needless to say, I (and many others) do not regard him as the ideal spokesperson for our efforts.

Tyrant did the right thing in emailing our list and informing us of the complications they were facing — He could have turned the other cheek and kept us in the dark as to how the server was progressing, but no, he took his time to update all the people who are supporting this cause and trying to make an Australian UO server a reality.

There are a lot of “engineers” on the mailing list, who play this game from Australia. That message was basically a help request, asking all people on the list who had a clue, to email back with what they know of this countries carriers and hosting services. I very much doubt OSI would have flown their head of network ops out here for a free holiday if this was a half-assed attempt.

The email from Tyrant also states “We have the equipment ready to go, just need someplace to send it” — They need a provider. That is all. I suspect the reason a lot of the “incredibly cheap” requests were ignored, is basically because Australia is also plagued by ISPs who cram as many users as they can on a 64k ISDN link and others who route all their traffic via satellite direct to the US to decrease costs. They want to do this right the first time and put the server with an efficient, reliable, high performance host who will also be negotiable when it comes to the price of the data.

Don’t count on the Australia server not happening until every avenue is explored.

**flips Miasma off**

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