MORE ON UO 2.0 [Author: Niobe]

Nearly 4 months after the cancellation of the UO2 Project by EA, information about a new project, dubbed UO 2.0, has begun to surface. It has not been revealed whether or not UO 2.0 will be a sequel or an expansion to the original Ultima Online.

As most of you know, the UO2 project was not considered to be a direct sequel to the vastly popular Ultima Online but was heavily based on the Ultima lore. The UO2 project was cancelled after several years and many millions of dollars had been spent on the development of the game and within weeks of being opened for beta testing.

An undisclosed source has revealed that an attempt is being made to implement the code created for UO2 in the new UO 2.0 project.

It is not known exactly how this code will be used since all of the people that actually understood how the code worked were fired after the cancellation of the project.