My bit for global understanding, part 1

It’s Friday in Korea. I am officially INTO THE FUTURE.

My every transaction in a Korean convienence store:

Me: “Annyong haseyo” (hello)

Clerk: “Heyyy!” (hey?)

(business continues, usually with some wacky pantomime involving me saying “phone” while pretending to hold a phone to my head when asking for an international calling card or something similar)

Me: “Kamsa hanida” (thanks)

Clerk: “Hah!” (Stupid American, your pronunciation sucks fish balls)

Seoul is like New York, except denser, and with more neon, and with 85% less English. There are PC rooms EVERYWHERE, mostly decorated with gaudy neon dragons. Sadly I won’t be able to start World War 3 because it looks like Panmunjom is closed on weekends.

Oh, and “chilsung cider” is pretty good.