My God It's Full Of Derek Smart And Also Stars

In case you haven’t had enough of the Derek Smart/David Allen hooloofrooloo (yes, this is all crazy enough to start making up new words), Smart decides to post to his blog.

I’d repost the various megabits of Derek that struck my eye, but, well, I can’t. See?

WARNING: This blog and all posts within are my property and are thus protected by copyright. It is also subject to revisions as things progress. Unless you really – truly – want to hear from my attorneys – DO NOT reprint it. If you must, just link to the URL.

oh crap i’m gonna get sued for that. to DEATH. (Or perhaps while Smart plays Unfrozen Internet Lawyer, he could check out the laws on fair use.)

OK OK OK I have to quote just one bit:

Dear David,

I hope you are well. Are you still walking around the house carrying a firearm?

(please dont sue)