My Life With The New Console Cult

So as you can probably see from the puppy dog to your left I finally joined the inevitable and picked up an XBox 360. Thanks to renting DVDs from a local video store, here’s my impressions of the games I’ve tried so far:

Ninety-Nine Nights: To be fair, I had already seen this at a friends’ house. But Phantagram. Why you got to be that way, baby. We used to be so good together! Daddy doesn’t want to hurt you. Just walk away.

Gears of War: Ooh, pretty. Ouch, hurty. OK, I don’t like shooters on consoles.

GRAW: OK, maybe I do like shooters on consoles, as long as they let me snipe people and call in airstrikes from gunships.

Viva Pinata: Hm, this could grow on me, assuming I figure out some actual gameplay.

Star Trek Legacy: I had tried this on the PC and gave up because it was so obviously a console port. I then tried this on the console and gave up because it was so obviously a really bad game.

Dead Rising: OK, this is why I bought this machine. Thanks. (swings bat, kills 5 zombies) Although the paucity of save points reminds me of console frustrations past.

XBox Arcade: Aaah, Time Pilot, comfort food of my youth, you sing to me so sweetly with your siren calls of random bombings and death. And Lumines isn’t a half bad port either. Does anyone play Hold’em Poker online?