Ordinarily I don’t talk about bugs (the TwisTer PosSe does that for us) but I found this of interest. I mean, if this is true, surely the GMs would notice these big-ass ships in the middle of Shame in between hunting down evil macroers. If anyone has any confirmation or commentary about the below give me a shout.

Thought you might be interested in this since you play SP legit, gms seem to not care about fixing this major loophole in the no gating to/from dungeons rule of SP.

1. Boats aren’t supposed to be placed in dungeons, they were all deleted out of the dungeons on regular shards around the same time houses in dungeons were removed; yet there are 3-4 ships in shame on SP.

2. You aren’t supposed to be gate from dungeons on SP, yet you can gate from a boat in the dungeon.

3. The guys who own the boats in shame have led all the earth elementals and scorpions to right next to the inside of the entrance of the dungeon, and all the orcs and orc mages to the outside of the entrance, preventing everyone else from getting in.

Now they have a private dungeon, and don’t have to walk thier gold out like everyone else, they gate to town from level 3