My Stats Bring All The Boys To The Yard

Completely usless statistical information! These posts are always popular. I don’t know why. It’s MY navel. Quit looking at it.

But since you insist, some more detailed stats than usual. Mainly so everyone else can benchmark your stats, and perhaps SirBruce can do MMOGBLOGCHART.COM.

It’s very difficult getting reliable stats, which is one of the main reasons I have GoogleAds back. If someone is paying for your ad views, they will keep a reasonably good track of how many views you have, right? Ah, I’m such an optimist. Anyway. By the best last measure here’s the stats for the past three weeks. Based on internal wordpress referral tracking these stats miss quite a few hits, but it’s all I got:
Average unique daily visitors measured by page entry: 9174
Total number of pages served (daily average): 16,618
Overall unique daily visitors measured by IP address: 12,608

So the “circulation”, in pen and paper terms, is somewhere between 9000 and 13,000, depending on how you measure it. About twice what I had thought, urk.

Who visited? Well I expected game company DHCP firewalls to be in the top 10, since we are a gossipy and insular bunch, but surprisingly only (which was probably mostly me and coworkers checking up on me) and (which would be excoworkers checking up on me) pegged in the top 20. However 99.09% of traffic fell into “not listed”, so that metric is overall not terribly helpful.

The top referrers over the past 3 weeks? Well, I set up an internal WordPress plugin to track that, and it wildly diverges from the web server logs. This tells me that one or both are wrong. Thus why, in the end, I don’t really know WHAT my server is doing. Yay! Anyway, here’s the two for comparison:

Web host logs:
10825: (the Victoria: Revolutions announcement)
3759: (same)
1108: (Where’s Lum now? Oh, he sucked.)
1020: (not sure why, since you can read the whole entry)
574: (various Katrina: the gathering links – yes, still)
353: (E3 coverage)
96: (Where’s Lum? He REALLY sucked.)

WordPress internal, same time period:

So, I got nothin’.

Another interesting stat: Google Ads is paying me $33 for those ads at the bottom so far this month. Clearly, I can now retire.

But of course what you REALLY are here for: the search terms. Again, they are tracked via two different sources, both of which are totally different. Sigh. All I can do is crack jokes now.

myspace toys: Be careful, the NSA is watching!
elf porn: ah, the perennials.
second life escorts: a new regular.
firiona vie nude: now there’s a term with stamina.
fishbone earrings: I bet Firiona Vie would get naked for fishbone earrings.
yogurting guide: over here
nefarion strategy: over here
horses in oblivion: over here
content holdings llc: over here
50 cent and paris hilton: Now there’s one movie I will refrain from watching.
hearts of iron anschluss: early 1938, and there’s no real penalty for taking it.
lum the mad blog: yes, he has one. Where could it be! It is a mystery to discover!
guitar hero emulator: OK, you play Def Leppard REAL LOUD…
amber jennings blog: AMBER! STOP THAT!
amber s. jennings: I’M NOT KIDDING!
blog amateur: sigh. Look, what do you want from me.
crack “premium modules” neverwinter nights: if you can’t afford $5, new hobby?
embarrassing pictures paris: that would be like “military intelligence”, right?
hoi2 doomsday austria anschluss: look man, I’m telling you, it fires automatically.
how are stuff broken toys dangerous: depends, did you taunt happy fun ball?
porn savy: It’s spelled “savvy”. You’ll never be porn savvy without proper English.
super powered people: over here
the lum: the lum meister! the luminator! makin’ copies! the luminatic!
wow subscription price in china: hard to say, most customers pay by the hour.
$28000 salaried = ? per hour: you asked Google instead of a calculator. Jesus wept.
hillary clinton topless: This is someone griefing me, I know it. Probably Walt.
i wish i could crit you: That’s actually kind of a good pun.
nude people: They may be found on the Internet, I’m told.
“second life” gay porn: Yep, I bet you found some.
40-man raid dungeon neglecting casual world warcraft: how’d that post end up?
allakhazam thottbot ogaming ige: Yep, you connected the dots. Winner!
amber s. jennings nude: I SAID STOP THAT!
annoying myspace: Yep.
atari pulls the plug on nwn1? Yep.
author scott jennings: Yep. I should probably write something else now.

big hrose: I’ll just assume that’s a typo and move on.
big mommas house 2 toys: Man, the Internet really DOES have everything.
chuy’s creamy jalapeno dip: I’m told it’s really good
create your own dude: because there may be a dude shortage
custom content premium nwn module: hope someone didn’t pirate it!
darkmoon faire prizes: beats me. I’m told they’re good.
does the coke can look the same in china: roughly, yeah.
ebenezer mass launch old warden 2006: and then there’s ones where I got nothin.
flaming someone anonymously: is BAD.
flyff panties: oh god, I don’t wanna know, OK?
fragdoll hate: like, WHY, OK?
good farming template for shadowbane: I know a lot of people you can ask now!
gordon wrinn picture: dear god, let it GO.
how many teenage boys look at porn? All of them.
how to manage your wife’s aggro: Chocolate.
i can’t stand paris hilton: Yeah, me either.
i caught my child masterbating: And? You went to Google about this?
ige illegal? Probably.
is my sex toy broken? Probably.
legal position selling mmo character: Eh.
lum the mad archives: over here
paris hilton with no close on: because she better not get her close on!
person who levelled all classes in warcraft to level 60: not as hard as you may think
puzzle pirates banned get around it: not gonna happen. Teirlap’s on the case.
rumsfeld medical condition: dude, it was a JOKE.
thottbot site blocked alternatives: OMG MUST FIND LEWT NOW NOW NOW
topless ladies of fox news: …
ventrilo for cybersex: …
who owns bioware atari: no.
you leave me alone carl monday: YEAH!