Mythic Entertainment: Our Last Best Hope For Peace

Mark Jacobs, in the latest of a series of interviews with the hard-hitting journalists at, um, MTV, explains that no, he really wanted Age of Conan to succeed, because, er, now it’s all on them, you see.

“At some level I wanted ‘Conan’ to succeed because for the last few years people have been saying it’s all Blizzard and nobody else can do it,” he said. “‘Only Blizzard can get those kind of numbers,’ and so far they’ve been right. But now it’s our turn.”

He added, “If we don’t succeed with EA behind us, the ‘Warhammer’ IP behind us, with one of the most experienced teams in the industry, that’s not going to be good for the industry. We need to show the world that it’s not just Blizzard who can make a great game, and that the audience is absolutely willing to try new things and to play a game other than ‘WoW.’”

Of course, if Warhammer Online does succeed, the chatterring class will point out that people are still not playing a game other than ‘WoW’, really.