Never before has this blog’s title been so apt.

Some New Year’s Resolutions I’n currently considering:

1) When presented with a shiny new blog upgrade? Don’t.
2) When upgrading said shiny new blog? Don’t try to do it over a laggy web connection.
3) When upgrading said shiny new blog over a laggy web connection? Don’t try to be clever and batch up SQL commands when restoring data from a backup.
4) When doing all of the above? Don’t, in a sleepy fit at 4:00 AM, hit the Submit button twice when doing a “DROP TABLE X; ALTER TABLE Y RENAME TO X;”

I guess if I’m going to lose a few month’s work to slippery fingers and net lag, better it not be something someone else is paying for!

(goes off to check and see if Dreamhost does SQL backups…)