News For Brunch 8/5/08

News For Lunch will technically be News For Brunch for the next few days as my lunches will be ACTION PACKED.

GET PAID TO CRUSH Now you can whine about PvP balance and get paid for it. I only wish I was making this up. I’ll let Hotlunch know. Plus, I think this post is worth at least $14.

GET PAID TO BETA PvP not your thing? New Asian MMO Asda Story is offering you $30 if you don’t like their beta. Note: to collect the $30, you must show up at their offices in person riding a chocobo.

DON’T GET PAID TO MAKE GAMES Fury’s closing is official.

Short, but not every News For Random Meal is as action packed as my lunch hours are. Today’s News For Brunch is brought to you by the World Wildlife Fund, because 125,000 endangered gorillas were found in the Congolese jungle and gorillas make me happy.