Well I’ve asked Mako to come on and do this sort of thing three or four times weekly — but he doesn’t start until next week so I guess I’ll have to fill in until then. Those of you who hang out in #lummies will know that most of us are huge Farscape fans. So while this news may not thrill some of you, others will be happy to see the Computer Games Online report that Simon and Schuster Interactive is going to produce a Farscape game. Lets hope its not a lame FPS. Moving right along to actual MMOG news, the Adrenaline Vault reports that Interplay is forming in order to move themselves into the online market. Interplay owns, among others, Black Isle Studios, the publishers of Fallout 1 and II, Baldurs Gate I and II, Icewind Dale and PlaneScape Torment. You can read what the Grumpy Gamer has to say about Black Isle back over at Computer Games Online. MSNBC has discovered gaming. More specifically they’ve discovered EA and have some interesting things to say about Majestic and Sims Online. In other news, it appears that Stevie Case is leaving Ion Storm. Breaking up is hard to do. Her website, as well as Ion Storm’s, was down when I wrote this. Back over at the Adrenaline Vault there’s an article about how Black and White will be all touchy-feely. There’s also a great article by Bob Mandel on the Characteristics of the Ideal Computer Gamer. Last but not least, Jinx has a few good things to say about UO Veteran Awards, the new 3D beta and the AOL ads on