First the character move thing. This comes from Everlore, and also reprints a message from EQ Customer Support:


We are in the process of setting up a system that allows you to move characters for a fee. However, I am afraid that I do not have any details about it yet.

Keep watching patch messages for any news.

GM Therdar – E’ci

Rick Alvernaz

Sony Online Entertainment

Word from the faire is that said moves will be “naked” – no money, no equipment. Would still come in handy (for one thing, my wife and I both play on different servers). And hey, it makes Verant money. Being Republican and heartless, I’m all for that!

Speaking of heartlessness, Kytelae clued us in to the scoop on PvP – apparently Rafine at talked to Gary “Lady Daegarmo Grobson at the fan faire on PvP’s future and got all sort of Zek scoopage.

  • When Sullon Zek goes live, ALL PvP servers will have Sullon Zek’s rules. Or lack thereof. Train on, monks!
  • ShowEQ – going buh-bye. (presumably this would be on all servers, not just the PvP ones)
  • Crossteaming on Tallon/Vallon – going buh-bye. No co-guilding, no co-buffing, no co-anything. Pursuant to this all guilds on Tallon/Vallon will be wiped. This is scheduled for 2 months from now.
  • Common on Tallon/Vallon/Sullon – going buh-bye. Learn those languages.
  • Tallon may be changed to a 2-team good/evil server reflecting its current state now, while Vallon may become a 3-team server.

Yowza. The elves are playing to crush! More news to come from the Fan Faire as it develops. If no new news develops we’ll just make up something juicy involving Mennix and Firiona Vie.