Surprisingly, many of you thought that Arcadian Del Sol’s earlier update on Black Isle’s putting The Machine of Lum the Ranter Guy in their eagerly awaited Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion was either a threat by us to sue Black Isle, news that Black Isle was suing us, or in a mental disconnect that surprised even me, both.

So here it is, laid out very clearly.

(1) The name “Lum the Mad” comes from the TSR Dungeons and Dragons “Eldritch Wizardry” supplement, published in the 70’s, and appeared later in the “Book of Artifacts” 2nd Edition AD&D supplement. I didn’t make it up. I’m sure if TSR (now owned by Wizards of the Coast, which is now probably owned by Rupert Murdoch or EA or something) wanted to sue me TO DEATH to change the name of the site they probably could.

(2) I really, seriously doubt Bioware was making fun of me, or paying me clever homage, or anything else in putting the “Machine of Lum the Mad” artifact in their game. I frankly doubt anyone at Black Isle ever heard of this site, to be honest, although I’d be flattered if they did since pretty much every game they’ve ever made just rocks my personal house down.

(3) No one is suing anyone. Unless Verant figures out a way to.