NO MORE BANNING [Author: myschyf]

I received the following in my mailbox:

Because of the abundance of Macroing in RWK we were forced to rebuild it with some anti-macro code. Those detected macroing will have their IP’s banned from the entire Glitchless site, forfeiting their chance of betatesting. As of 9pm Eastern the RWK Player Database has been reset, and we invite all of you to participate in good clean fun 🙂

Imagine that, Racewar Kingdoms, which in a master stroke of design and coding managed to boil down the quintessential essence of massively multiplayer gaming into pushing the button repeatedly has found that people will automate repeatedly pushing a button. Its incredible that no other gaming company has ever had an experience like this but you know, that’s what you get for being on the leading edge of software development.

I guess that means they’ll be taking this banner off their website now?