Fear had these comments on OSI and the mysterious “Gordon”;

I read your report from the desert, and that guy Gordon sounds a lot like the old Soup Nazi Vogel. Do you think there is a school for hard assed producers? I want to be like him! Was Gordon Jason Bell? He was supposed to be taking over the Producer spot. Oh and Lady MOI gets a two BIG thumbs up from the Vortex. Dang, If she was the Designer, we wouldn’t give a crap if anything got done with the game. hehe Just teasing.

Well it sounds like OSI has found a way to delay anything for another 6 months, so I think what I want to focus on now is them to re-define the priorities. It sounds like Player Races are gone. They should just fess up and tell us Necromancy is a flippin pipe dream and at least get on with House Auctions, and a trade window that works. I would be happy at this point if they just fixed some stuff and let us have it fair. The trade window rip offs and the inability to trade animals on Siege is totally ridiculous! It seems to me that they would want fair trading especially on a shard that has no other way of income for the majority of players. Merchants should start talking about this and the tamers should be making a killing on protection and horses right now, but they can’t because they get ripped and then the Warriors won’t buy cause they always get ripped. I think it is VERY important that something be done about this ASAP, will eventually kill all trade.