No spam please.James Gleick has

No spam please.

James Gleick has always written insightfully on issues .netly, and today’s article in the NY Times Sunday magazine is no exception.

We need to be able to say no. No, I’m not looking for a good time. No, I don’t want to ”e-mail millions of PayPal members.” No, I don’t want an anatomy-enlargement kit. No, I don’t want my share of the Nigerian $25 million. I just want my in-box. It belongs to me, and I want it back.

Damn straight. Except with me personally Klez mail has overwhelmed the spammers. I’m almost nostalgic for the people promising to grow my peen. LITERALLY 95% OF MY INCOMING EMAIL IS VIRUS GENERATED. The first 15 minutes of my work day consists of me dutifully going through my email and deleting 95% of it. HELP ME.

Really. Help me. If anyone has ANY suggestions for a program that will automatically filter viral emails (Klez and otherwise) successfully PLEASE TELL ME. I only hope that when you do it hasn’t gotten to the point where I am unable to read my email any more.