Well, in contrast to the statements reflected in the story below, it appears as though the Verant folks may be taking the odd cue from the customer base after all. On the EQ official site’s Developer’s Corner, Brad McQuaid has announced that the overwhelming majority of players really, really hate the Trivial Loot Code:

In fact, after polling over 200,000 players, most want the looting system left alone, almost as many want us to explore a different solution for bottom feeding and rampant farming, and a minority were in favor of the Trivial Loot Code as it exists today in the Warrens and Stonebrunt Mountains (the remainder either didn’t have an opinion or were unfamiliar with TLC).

Well, so be it. 🙂

We will head back to our drawing boards and keep brainstorming on this issue, but at this current time we do NOT intend on implementing TLC for the zones in our upcoming expansion, the Shadows of Luclin.

Well, color me confused on whether they want input or not, but props to Verant for listening on this one.