NOT DENSE. NOT DAILY. GET USED TO IT. [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

Funcom to Industry: “If we release the game early, does that mean we can charge early, too?”

Pushing the envelope of tolerable software beyond the pale, Funcom’s Anarchy Online has been reported to actually have been online now. A hiker carrying a camera had been tracking this elusive abberation of nature and was able to snap this image that clearly depicts some…thing logged on and enjoying AO.

Reported first by the prophet Jeremiah, and recently repeated in the AO forums, it would appear that Funcom has begun charging accounts for access to the AO servers, despite the fact that the first free month has yet to expire, and that billing should not have been initiated yet. Either that, or this guy just doesn’t know how to read a credit card statement.

In other news, Funcom has stopped emailing us the Code Red Worm Virus.

Update: DUH

Upon further review, the batter is out.
Usually when your bank statement shows to identical charges with identical reference numbers, it means they double-impacted you for the single sale, and if you went online half-cocked and let your brain explode about it, well you might wind up having to do this. I don’t know if Funcom emailed me about this situation, as I am still deleting all their emails unread until I find out whether or not “Odin” has any kind of virus protection software on it.

Props to Thunderlips for finding this information and posting a link in the discussion thread.

World War 2 Online patches. No wait it doesn’t. Wait, yes it does get a patch. No wait, it doesn’t.

The latest word is that World War 2 Online has not changed from the day it was unleashed upon an unsuspecting retail populous. According to the official website, Cornered Rat has a “weekends are for playing only” policy. At first I thought they were talking about the players, but given the on again/off again status of “The Big Patch”, a few are beginning to wonder if that policy refers to Cornered Rat Programmers.

At press time, Cornered Rat has yet to email us a virus. It might just be that the server infrastructure is running slowly there. Ask me again next week.

UO Housing: busted.

Nobody is going to lose a house in Ultima Online this week. That’s because the house decay system has been shut down and houses are being auto-refreshed by the servers, reportedly because “permanent housing” was collapsing around the shards. The only scenario I could dream up in which this could happen is if the faction strongholds relied upon faction members to enter them in order for them to be refreshed, and the absolute and utter failure of the faction war system might have resulted in NOBODY ENTERING A STRONGHOLD for over two weeks. I can see that happening. Many house owners are frantically reporting that while the house informs them that they are “like new” (for non-UO players, that means “fresh squeezed”) but has been marked for demolition (for non-UO players, that means “you are 6 hours from being homeless, you procrastinating idiot”). Normally, you wouldn’t see both of these messages at the same time. OSI has reported on that they are aware of this problem and are working to correct it. No houses will fall, to the delight of Ebay users everywhere.

say where did everybody go?

When Destination Games starting tossing around the idea of ‘Tabula Rasa’, most people assumed they didn’t mean their own website. Give it about 14 hours before invents a mass layoff story.

Update: Domain Campers Foil Destination Games, Website Updater.

A Blue Fairy within the torch ensconced halls of Destination Games was quick to point out this morning that the website linked above is not the actual corporate domain, which can be found here. So who was it that camped and stole
DiamondDogIndustries 5745 Bat Cv BritSos, TX 78701 United States of America

“BritSos” Texas, huh? I don’t see that on any map.