Interesting story here. I originally posted this this morning, but found out the AC site wasn’t open admission yet. Was told to hold off until later this afternoon, but our car died and I’ve spent the past 3 hours waiting on a wrecker. So I am not in the best mood to answer the “What happened to the AC Beta story!?!” email. Pestilence Out!

Allen Grey of our sister in inanity, Crossroads of Dereth, sends this word… now YOU can know the joy of the Tank Archer!

Yesterday Microsoft pulled off the gloves on Asheron’s Call. Because of a screwup with the printing of the Asheron’s Call Beta coupons included in the November Issue of Computer Games Magazine, they completely removed the need to have a coupon number to play the current Asheron’s Call Beta. Open Beta on Asheron’s Call has begun.

So apparently, who downloads and installs the beta can play Asheron’s Call. You’ll need to do the following:

Get a MS Internet Gaming Zone account (free, sign up here)

Download the Asheron’s Call client here

Go to the Asheron’s Call MS Zone page to activate your MS Zone account for Asheron’s Call here.

You can find out more about Asheron’s Call from the serious folks at Crossroads of Dereth or the seriously freaky Mushashi. Hint – be an archer.

Also, I’m told that archery has already been nerfed in AC, so I don’t really have any smarmy advice on what to be. I guess be a Tank Mage Dex Monkey or a Halfling Druid, those seem to work in other games.